jueves, 12 de abril de 2007

My favorite travel

I would like to go to Europe, I would like to visit Venice in Italy, and Paris.

I would like to go with my family.

I would like to go shopping and go to the retaurants in Paris and see sight the beutiful places.

I would like to vosit the Eiffel tower.

I liked going this travel.

my reset

My reset is pizza fonduo is very exquisit and delicius.

1/2 cup finely chopped pepperoni

1 sweet red or green pepper, chopped

4 ouces cream cheese, cut into cubes

1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese

1 jar ( 15 1/2 ounces) prego spaghetti sauce

Cubed italian bread for dipping

.- In 1/2 quart microwave - safe casserole, combine pepperoni and pepper.

Cover with lid; microwave on high 3 minutes or until pepper is tender,
strring once durin cooking.

2.- Stir in cream cheese and parmesan until smooth and wel blended. Stir in spaghetti sauce.Cover; microwave on high 5 minutes until hot and bubbling, stirring once cooking. Serve with bread cubes for dipping.
Make about 3 cups.

My dream house.

My dream house is very big, has a living room, dining room and a kitchen.

Has a beautiful family room for family reunions.

Has a big terrace with beautiful plants and flowers and a view to the beach wons.

My apartament

My apartament is very big, has 300 aquater mts.

It has one living room, a dinin room a kitchen. It has a beautiful familyroom.

It has a porch? With plants and flowers. Hashas six room and five bathrooms.

The first room it´s mis my parent´s room, it´s my sister room, the third it´s mine, the fourth it´s my older sister´s room.

It has a maide´s? room and the last one it´s for the visit.

We have two parking apace.

The cuestion

1.- I was born in maracaibo
2.- Yes, I grew up there.
3.- I went to "Bellas Artes" elementary school
4.- I went to "Bellas Artes"
5.- yes, I did. Italian and English
6.- I was 18
7.- I used to swin.
8.- No, I ¨Didn´t.
9.- I used to spend my vacation in Merida.
10.- Yes, I did
11.- yes, I had a dog
12.- Yes, when I was a child I used to have a teddy bear
13.- My favorite food it´s pizza
14.- when I was a children my best name´s friend.
15.- when we boutht my first dog TOBY.

Composition about your self.

Hi my name is nathalie del gallego, I´m from maracaibo I´m 23 yearz old.

I love dancing, going shopping, going to restorants,traveling and beethoveen, my dog my famiy.

I hate rock musicf.

My drean is to have beautiful family, husband and children.

My opinion about english is that it is very importat because is universal lenguage.

My opinion the homwork is beautiful with is my life.